Duanna Taylor Rooney—Visual Designer


Ethereal Magazine—Digital Designer

Grandson and KOR—Intern

GALPAL Collective—Visual Artist

                   TU Dublin Visual Communication Design (First-Class Honours)

EASD Valencia Spain (Erasmus)
February—June 2022


Can Type Embody Queerness? 
(First-Class Honours)


Branding IDI Graduate Award (Winner)
Typographic Design IDI Graduate Award (Commended)
Book Design IDI Graduate Award (Shortlisted)
Design for Digital IDI Graduate Award (Shortlisted)
Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers
Outstanding Contribution TU Dublin Award
Most Original Thesis TU Dublin Award


GradX—TU Dublin Graduate Exhibition 

The identity design aims to create a visual representation of the multifaceted nature of the exhibition, highlighting the broad range of ideas, perspectives, and creative expressions that emerge from the participating graduating courses.

The identity is displayed across both print and digital media in the form of printed booklets, invitations, posters, a website, a social media campaign and a wayfinding system. 

100 Archive
Brand Design, Web Design, Wayfinding and Print Design

Square Restaurant Dundalk 

Square, a Dundalk-based restaurant, sought a rebrand to attract a young, trendy crowd and establish itself as a local hotspot. Named after the town's square, Square is a place where food, culture, and music converge to create a vibrant dining experience. Custom-illustrated wine glasses were created to add a playful touch to the brand, enhancing the fun and lively atmosphere.

Design: Killian Walsh, Duanna Taylor Rooney
Illustration: Duanna Taylor Rooney
Copy Writing: Cian Byrne
Photography: John Smyth
Signwriting: Andrew Greaves

Designed at Grandson Studio and KOR Agency.

Brand Design and illustration

What Does it All Meme? 

Museums and archives aim to protect and display material that is culturally important to the public. Memes however that are shared by millions of people every day, are not, making them at risk of being lost. This publication aims to question who decides what is and isn’t valuable. The design is informed by the playful irreverence of memes and the juxtaposition of the orderly and careful approach of museums. The typeface choices mirror the visual style of memes that often have a humorous design approach with clashing and jarring type combinations, or awkward crops.

Print Design

Agriturismo Walden 

The Agriturismo Walden brand identity aims to capture the authentic charm and warm hospitality of the Italian agriturismo nestled in the picturesque landscapes of rural Umbria Italy. The client sought a brand identity that conveyed a personal touch, reflecting the genuine experiences it offers to its visitors. Hand-drawn illustrations serve as the cornerstone of the visual identity, offering a unique and personal touch to every element. 
Brand Design and Illustration


Illustration serves as a fulfilling hobby for me, frequently intertwining with my design work, adapting to the demands of each project. My passion extends to both traditional and digital mediums, finding joy and creative expression in both. My illustrative style stems from the pen drawings I do day to day in my sketchbook. 

Personal Illustration